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“It’s not that Sustainability isn’t important. It’s just that it doesn’t form part of the purchasing process”

By combining EEG, Eye Tracking and Facial Expression Analysis we tested the impact of 30 messages from 30 brands/products, categorised into three message types: Traditional Creative & Promotional, Sustainability, and Purpose Driven for both Commodity and Luxury Goods.

Using Approach-Avoidance measures, taken directly from the participant’s Pre-Frontal Cortex, we showed that Approach Behaviours predict Purchase Intent, while also showing a significant difference in the impact of sustainable communications for Luxury and Commodity Goods.

Key Findings:
📈 Traditional Advertising is over 10x more effective than Sustainability Messaging.
🛍️ Sustainable Messaging works for Luxury Goods, but does not work for Commodities.
🛒 Approach-Avoidance measures predict purchase behaviour.
🧠 Sustainability can trigger learning and memory – but the brand can get lost in the mix.

The full research can be viewed here