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Articles breaking down Neuromarketing concepts into easy-to-understand hints & tips that you can apply today.

Case Studies
AIG | A&H Go-To-Market Research

AIG were launching their Accident & Health (A&H) portfolio in the Irish market, a product that has historically been a function of direct sales channels, but moving towards more scalable digital sales channels was a strategic objective for AIG globally.

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Case Studies
Ulysses 2.2: ‘the wandering i’

The exhibition titled Ulysses 2.2: ‘the wandering i’ used our Eye-Tracking solutions to produce an audio and visual representation of each visitors individual reading of Joyce’s iconic text.

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Facial Expression Analysis | FEA | Future Proof
General Neuromarketing
Mapping Emotion | Hewlett-Packard

To determine the emotional impact of a Hewlett Packard TV Spot on viewers, the advertisement was analysed to determine the emotional response of participants towards the creative.

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