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Applications of Neuromarketing & Biometric Consumer Insights Research that can be used by your business today.

All You Need To Know: EEG (Electroencephalography)

Everything you do is run by your brain. It’s constantly active, absorbing information, shaping your environment, and filtering relevant information. It’s able to connect past and present to refine your reality and ultimately drive your behaviour.

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The Importance of Emotion

Where do your emotions come from? What part do they play in your daily life? If I was to ask you to describe how you’re feeling at a given moment in time, could you?

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All You Need To Know: Eye Tracking

What grabs our attention? How do we react to certain visual imagery? Why is certain imagery more appealing than others? Eye-tracking allows you to understand the reasons behind these actions.

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Facial Expression Analysis
All You Need To Know: Facial Coding

Our face conveys our emotions – sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing it. Being exposed to certain arousals like an old photo of you and your friends elicit an instinctive reaction.

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