Podcast | Breakfast Business with Joe Lynam

Podcasts: Newstalk | Breakfast Business With Joe Lynam

Seán sat down with Newstalk's Breakfast Business with Joe Lynam to discuss the application of Neuroscientific principles towards advertising to explain why certain ads outperform others.

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“Some adverts are more memorable than others and others are totally forgettable”.

There’s no single formula to what makes a good ad, but there are specific responses that we want to trigger in an individual that can help make your ad more impactful. Understanding how your ad is going to affect subconscious processes like Attention, Emotion & Cognition to name a few.

When used correctly they can connect with the viewer and encode memory and enhance the likelihood of being recalled at the most important moments.

Listen to Newstalk’s Breakfast Business with Joe Lynam here.

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